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Last saturday me and my friend Decio Deep (from the house duo Anhanguera) gathered in order to record this fine blend of deep disco and house – no false modesty! Twenty tracks in a hour and 15 minutes, a tight programming set that, if fails to be the most technical recording in an age of computer mixed music, surely creates excitement in its adventurous choices. Hope you enjoy!

intro – Hotel Chevalier
Natalie Portman is hot for you!

01. Risa – Selvagem
Brazillian version of some swiss disco hit feature on the Sabado Alucinante soundtrack

02. Salsoul Orchestra – 212 North 12th
A Loft classic that never fails to amaze with its powerful fat sound

03. Richard T Bear – Sunshine Hotel
Just walk on in, no need to ring the bell! The legit sunglassed beardo disco hit with a superb piano break.

04. Cyclades – Fire to Desire
Proper party record! A Max Berlin offshoot project that is getting some spin from the likes of Eric Duncan and Mark Seven.

05. Sparque – Music Turns Me On (Tee Scott Instrumental Mix)
Love Sparque and how could you refuse a Tee Scott instrumental? There’s a synth line in it that precedes George Kranz’ Din Daa Daa.

06. Atmosphere – Swede’s Scandal (Wood Version)
Wow wow wow… swirl! What’s the swede’s scandal? Porn? I’d say this is one of the best italo disco records around, came out on Superradio Records on pink vinyl! Got my copy from Franco Scopinish (the producer) himself.

07. The Ring – Jump (Special Disco Version re-edit)
First heard this as the opener of a set from James Murphy and Pat Mahoney. What the fuck that was? Crazy record. Asked them and it was an (then) unreleased edit that came out on Moxie and slip through the radar of many people – the end is so good for mixing. The original track was huge on the Monterrey disco scene.

08. Norm Talley – The Journey
Some people say this is a repetitive loop that goes nowhere and some other people say this is a belter – a rare Detroit house track from 1999 that was going for 100 pounds and now got a german repress. As you can hear, goes down a treat in the mix.

09. DJ Sneak – Mid Season Philly Joint
Jiggy Murray Jones’ Inside America is one of the greatest and most influential disco tracks and this Sneak rework is so freakin’ great.

10. James Bradley – I’m In Too Deep
One of those treasures you wander how it is obscure. Strong record with amazing production – this version is on the UK single, make no mistake! (It’s a cheap one too)

11. Nancy Martinez – Lay It Down
Yeah, the same Nancy Martin from “Can’t Believe”. Found this on a flea market on Porta Genova in Milano for one euro!!

12. Data – Blow (The Blow Out Version)
One of those singles that failed to get a good promotion on a major label (Sire), way ahead of its time. Which blow does she refer to?

13. Azoto – Anytime or Place
Hard to pick one track from the marvelous Disco Fizz LP by Azoto, maybe the best project Celso Valli was involved. Hard-rocking disco with a western flavour.

14. James Curd – We Just Won’t Stop
If you miss Greenskeepers than you should check mr. Curd’s new release on DFA which samples Erotic Drum Band’s Pop Pop Shoo Wah to greater effect. Irresistible white rapping!

15. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cut #3
MCDE can just do no wrong at the moment. It was quite a while since a deep house record had such a strong kick.

16. Don Carlos – Free
Maybe the best italo house producer in a less known track from his Mediterraneo EP – that didn’t get the same fuzz as “Alone”.

17. Brennan Green – Do It Your Way (version)
Brennan Green is one of my fav producers from this day and his version of Mood II Swing’s Do It Your Way is even better than the original, remaking the track using the two original samples (a gospel track and a Montana Sextet production)

19. Mark Seven – Uptown A
Don’t know if this is an original production or if Mark Seven found some unreleased production, or even a dubplate of some demos and made this montage. Anyway, what an awesome piano house track.

19. Precious – Definition of a Track
Back to the basics – a drum box and a bassline.

20. Jeanette Thomas – Shake Your Body (House Shaker Version)
By this time we were only jamming… shashake-shashashake-shashashake… “dumb” track with the baddest bassline.


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